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Mombasa Southern bypass Road

Mombasa is the main seaport on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast and serves Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, eastern Democratic Republic Congo, Rwanda and Northern Tanzania. Economic development in the area served by Mombasa Port has generated rapid increase in the need for port services, which resulted in a major initiative to construct a new Kipevu Container Terminal with development cooperation from JICA. However, the road access to the Kipevu area is currently insufficient capacity and the Government has decided to prioritize construction of a new high capacity road link to connect the new Kipevu Container Terminal to the national highway network. This new road link to the expanded Kipevu Container Terminal will be part of the Mombasa Port Area Development Project.

Mombasa is an island and currently lacks a road between the island and the mainland to the south. Vehicle movement between Mombasa Island and the south coast is through the use of ferry services or alternatively a lengthy gravel road. The construction of the road will be a part of the proposed Mombasa Port Area Development Project.
Feasibility study with environmental and social impact assessment and preliminary and detailed engineering design of Mombasa Bypass including the new container terminal link road has started in 2008 with assistance of the World Bank. In 2011, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducted the Preparatory Survey on Mombasa City Road Development Project to facilitate formation of the project to be implemented under the Japanese ODA loan. The survey reviewed the F/S report.

The project is split into the following three (3) packages:
• Package 1 : Maritini Jct. to Mwache Jct. and Kipevu Link Road (9.5 km)
• Package 2 : Mwache Jct. to Mteza (including Mteza Bridge) (8.4km(
Package 3 : Mteza (excluding Mteza Bridge) to Kibundani Jct. (7.8km)

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